Edward Ross | Gamish | Filmish

Welcome to my Thought Bubble 2020 Digital Convention table! Please feel free to have a browse of my books. I’ll draw a sketch in and sign all copies sold – let me know any requests and who to make it out to when you make your purchase!

GAMISH – A Graphic History of Gaming

A thrilling illustrated journey through the history of video games and what they really mean to us.

Ever since he first booted up his brother’s dusty old Atari, comic artist Edward Ross has been hooked on video games. Years later, he began to wonder: what makes games so special? Why do we play? And how do games shape the world we live in? This lovingly illustrated book takes us through the history of video games, from the pioneering prototypes of the 1950s to the modern era of blockbuster hits and ingenious indie gems.

Exploring the people and politics behind one of the world’s most exciting art-forms, Gamish is a love letter to something that has always been more than just a game.

208 pages | Hardback | Full Colour


FILMISH – A Graphic Journey Through Film

In Filmish, cartoonist Edward Ross takes us on an exhilarating ride through the history of cinema, using comics to uncover the magic and mechanics behind our favourite movies.

Exploring everything from censorship to set design, Ross spotlights the films and film-makers that embody this provocative and inventive medium, from the pioneers of early cinema to the innovators shaping the movies of today, from A Trip to the Moon to Inception and beyond.

A witty and insightful reflection on the enduring power of the cinema, Filmish is a lucid and lively guide to the stars and stories that have shaped our lives for more than a century.

192 Pages | Softback | Black and White


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